Monday, December 17, 2012

We Need Paryer in our Schools

Prayer in the Schools As I ponder upon the kindergarten deaths on Friday Dec 14, 2012 my heart tells me the only protection is to turn to the Lord. Our schools have turned away from God. It is Christmas time I have been playing the piano for a kindergarten program. They sing Rudolf and sometimes sing Jingle Bells. Where is Christ? The birth of the son of God is not mentioned in the schools even in song at Christmas time. No prayers. No God mentioned. The message seems “Turn To God for Protection” ! No amount of Guards or Guns or background checks will protect our children, but the Good Shepherd will. I petition Americans to pray to God in our schools for HIS Protection and Blessing. David Allen tells us: He promises, "the righteous need not fear," and He will not let the wicked destroy the righteous, except for those who accepted in pre-mortal realms to be martyrs for the cause of truth. Praise be to these 20 kindergarten children who have eternal glory!

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